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Frank E. Biedak, Esq.

Know-How, Tenacity and Experienced.

With 23+ years in practice representing Massachusetts in business formation, Frank understands his clients’ unique needs. Attorney Biedak routinely negotiates, litigates, mediates, formation, and arbitrates disputes to achieve desired results for his clients.

Attorney Biedak is a member in good standing on the Massachusetts Bar and is licensed to practice in the United States First Circuit. Attorney Biedak spent three years practicing at the Law Firm of Belford & Stone in Fall River, MA. Attorney Biedak focused on civil litigation and representing small businesses.

Practicing since 1998, Attorney Biedak has advocated for hundreds of consumers and local businesses. He has been involved in multi-party, multi-million dollar disputes and even the occasional small claims.

Frank has also formed, dissolved, merged, and added Shareholder/Unitholders for clients and has finalized numerous stock and asset purchases, both in and outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Experience in the Trenches

In 2018, Attorney Biedak completed a multi-party dispute involving product efficacy, quality, and negligence involving a local contractor. The case included a Multi-Million dollar initial demand and significant challenges concerning insurance coverage and liability. The arbitration lasted around 2.5 years and had almost 30 arbitration dates. Attorney Biedak secured insurance coverage for his client, and the local business owner was more than satisfied with the outcome. Last year, Attorney Biedak formed another out of State business for the same client.

Frank has litigated and eventually favorably settled a 7-digit contractual dispute for a business in the Southcoast region. He has recently negotiated and completed a multi-state corporate asset acquisition. Additionally, Frank recently formed an LLC for a one-owner, personal service business. Your business’ individual needs are what matter to Frank.

If your business finds itself in an insurance dispute or faced with a demand from a former customer/client/vendor, please put Attorney Biedak’s 22 plus years of experience to work for you!

Attorney Frank Beidak | Consultation

Practice Areas

So your business partner and you are at odds? Let’s sit down and discuss creating a negotiated resolution, one that includes fully assessing the existence of any Buy-Sell Agreements, the Operating Agreement/Bylaws, and consider teaming up with a CPA and/or a Business Valuation entity to assess your company’s Fair Market Value. In fact, good corporate housekeeping would have that item assessed by the Board at their annual meeting, or at least annually. By so doing, one can avoid NUMEROUS expensive headaches. This can truly be an ounce of prevention. If you own a business, and are concerned about preparing for tomorrow, (ex. disability, retirement, death, even job termination. Call Attorney Biedak.

If your business in encountering financial, contractual, or litigation needs, please consider calling Frank. Clients deserve hard work, their attorney’s attention and to be laser focused on their needs.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have a broad, and powerful Consumer Protection Statute. The laws afford protection for consumers, AND businesses wrong by others in trade and commerce. The Consumer Protection laws also provide protection to those wronged by Insurance Companies writing coverage/policiies to Massachusetts individuals, and businesses. If you encounter such a predicament, please be aware that there are steps that must be taken to protect your interests. Contact Frank for a free consult!

Selling your business, adding partners/Members/Owners, or buying a business is typically very complex,  very high-stakes, and emotional. Attorney Biedak routinely guides his clients through these transactions. Currently, Frank has two other business, in various stages of this process. If you are in the process of looking to buy a business, buy into a Franchise, sell your business, or bring in a new Equity Partner, experience in these specific transactions is crucial. Call Attorney Biedak and put his experience to use for you! 


Frank Biedak is highly recommended my me ,he is highly knowledgeable of all aspects of the law. And he spends his free time a hour a week in the summertime to give his free advice to anyone that needs it . I would not hesitate to use Frank Biedak law firm in the future.


Frank is professional and honest in his practice. He has an awesome service of free roadside consultation. Plus he has a impeccable sense of humour. I would definitely recommend him.


Frank speaks so clearly and with great passion. He is a tremendous resource and you can see how much he loves what he does every time he speaks!


Frank E. Beidak, Esq.

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