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Separation and divorce often result in broken hearts, promises and hurt. If a marriage or union are unable to be corrected, reconciled, then as much planning and attention as was given to prepare for the marriage must be given to its end.

As with a good novel or mystery book, so too do life’s chapters misdirect and change the path of our story and all too often not as one may have hopped or expected. For some a bump in the road is easily patched. For others, the road becomes impassable.

The division of property, care & custody of children and pets, finances, health & life insurance, pensions & Social Security have to be as carefully redesigned. What was once taken for granted, now has to be choreographed with thought and precision. Couples believing that their maintaining of a good relationship will not require their having an attorney help them through the process. Those couples who are not so fortunate and have a strained relationship, will often set out quickly to get good counsel. Either way, an attorney specializing in divorce offers all parties, in all different scenarios, the expertise to help, guide and hold you through the process in ways you would never be able to do for yourselves.

Attorney Robert Finlay is that person to guide and counsel you during such unexpected times. His professionalism and presence in our local courts affords him respect from opposing attorneys, Clerks of the Court and judges. He is there to counsel and guide you through these unexpected chapters of your life’s book.

In addition to Family Law, Attorney Finlay also specialized in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for the last ten years. Sadly, due to Covid 19, many businesses, families and individuals have been affected by the loss of income that they need help to recover. Often, bankruptcies attach themselves to divorces as well. Having someone who can assist you with both, if needed, makes Rob a 1-stop advocate for you and your life.

It may be time to write a new life’s book. Let Attorney Finlay write your opening so you can pen your future’s chapters.

Attorney Robert C. Finlay has been an attorney in Massachusetts for ten years. He is also licensed in the State of Texas. As a graduate from St. Thomas University in Florida, he quickly passed both bar exams and relocated to Massachusetts with his wife of 3 years. Since then, he has resided in the Bristol-Plymouth area and happily put down roots with his wife and twin children of 6 years old. 

Attorney Finlay is fully dedicated to his Family Law & Bankruptcy clients as it has been his exclusive area of practice since his graduation. 

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Are you facing foreclosure or harassment from creditors? Are you doing your best fighting an uphill battle and still making no headway? Debt issues are to be taken seriously as they can destroy long term goals, test personal relationships, and cause unwavering stress and anxiety on you and your family. Facing the problem can be very difficult and the thought of bankruptcy can be emotionally draining and endlessly complicated.

Filing bankruptcy is a serious decision that requires you to take into account many factors. Whether you’re thinking about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the process can be difficult and complex. That’s why I try to make sure my clients understand each stage of the process as well as inform them about the case timeline. I can clearly answer your questions, give you advice, and provide you with legal services specifically designed with your needs in mind. It’s my goal to make this uneasy time in your life as painless as possible.

With solid planning and sound legal advice, it can be the simplest way to gain control over your finances. Finally, bankruptcy is not just an option to end your money worries for you and your family; but it can also provide protection from harassing creditors, overwhelming bills, foreclosures, and more. I have flexible hours and can offer you my services at your convenience and at your desired location. I give free confidential consultations to determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Divorce is often regarded as the most difficult period in people’s lives. It has personal, financial, and emotional impacts. In the end the most important factor is that your interests, as well as the interests of your children are cared for with the utmost concern. Every divorce is different – which is why I am committed to listening to my clients’ concerns and operate exclusively based on their needs.

I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest quality legal representation in cases involving: property settlements, divorce, child support, spousal support, parental custody, and prenuptial agreements. I also recognize that asset and property division often plays significant roles in determining whether a divorce dispute can be resolved with haste. Because of this, I will engage in mediation and arbitration in an effort to facilitate a quick and positive result.

Although most people prefer a quick or uncontested divorce, many times because of circumstances it is not a possibility. Although I believe mediation and arbitration hearings are the best platform to resolve a majority of divorce disputes, I am capable of aggressively representing my client’s in court.

If you have questions about your options in this difficult time, please contact me for a free consultation.


Robert C. Finlay, Esq.

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