Testimonials for Attorney Biedak

Frank Biedak is highly recommended my me ,he is highly knowledgeable of all aspects of the law. And he spends his free time a hour a week in the summertime to give his free advice to anyone that needs it . I would not hesitate to use Frank Biedak law firm in the future.


Frank is a great guy. I would recommend business owners to use his firm for legal advice

John L.

Frank speaks so clearly and with great passion. He is a tremendous resource and you can see how much he loves what he does every time he speaks!


For the short time I’ve known Frank he has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and honest attorney. I have no hesitation in recommending this law firm!


Highly recommend Frank! I’ve worked with Frank on numerous occasions and he is professional, knowledgeable and courteous!


Frank is professional and honest in his practice. He has an awesome service of free roadside consultation. Plus he has a impeccable sense of humour. I would definitely recommend him.


Frank's a business attorney with exceptional wit and presence, without a doubt a quality professional!

John D

Testimonials for Attorney Finlay

Rob was a good lawyer during my divorce. As most divorces are, it became ugly and he worked to keep my side civil and on task. He didn't fall into traps or get blinded by emotion. He stayed calm and on point, and helped me do the same. I would recommend him without question.


Working with Robert and his staff was a pleasure. They were very professional on all levels. Calls were returned immediately. They were extremely prepared, which made the whole process easier for everyone. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney.


Mr. Finlay was professional and warm. He helped me with difficult legal issues and was patient and kind.


Great attorney – one of a kind


Attorney Robert Finlay in Taunton, MA facilitated my emotionally difficult divorce in 2020. His professionalism and reasonable fees gave me the confidence I needed to move on with my life. Finlay’s extensive knowledge and experience in divorce law was a breath of fresh air; his straightforward communication style was compassionate and never rushed. Essentially, he disentangled me from a bad situation, and for this I will always be grateful for his wise counsel. I highly recommend him.


Attorney Finlay was a great relief to me during a complicated situation. I was really glad to have an attorney who could walk me through the process, lighten the mood, and get the job done in a timely manner. I will definitely reach out to Mr. Finlay in the future.

Uriel R.

I highly recommend Attorney Finlay to anyone who is going through a divorce who is looking for a knowledgable and caring professional who takes the time to listen to your needs and get the best results possible. You will be so relieved to have him in your corner.

Pauline N.

As I have gotten to know Rob and his practice he is an invaluable resource to me and my clients who are going through a rough patch in life. His technical ability is only exceeded by the care and diligence he gives his clients.

Joshua S.

I would like to commened Mr Finlay for his kind and compassionate handling of my recent legal difficulties, I can never repay him for his kindness. I recommend him highly! Thanks again Sir!!


Rob is an outstanding lawyer and he takes great care of all the clients I send his way.

Jason S.

Rob is a great guy and had my best interest at hand. He understood the emotional rollercoaster that I was in and advised me of all my options pros and cons. He was always available for a consultation when issues arise. I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone in need of his service.


Robert Finlay provided legal advice and guidance during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone seeking legal representation. He is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and needs at the forefront. I am grateful to Rob for his kind and honest manner dealing with me on this personal matter and for his tenacity and strength in representing me.


Mr. Finlay achieved the result I wanted and kept me continually updated about the progress of my case. I recommend him warmly and without reservation, and will certainly hire him again in the future.


I would highly recommend Rob for all family law matters.


Robert is a very efficient and competent attorney. He made me feel at ease right away even though I had some very serious issues with my case. He was also very responsive to my phone calls or if I e mailed a legal question for clarification he answered quickly. I especially liked his manner. He was calm and reassuring all along the way. I would highly recommend him. My issues regarding property title entanglement with a friend were sorted out to both our satisfactions. Give him a call if you have legal issues. You'll be glad you did. .


I know this was a small matter for Mr. Finlay, but I recently was facing severe (and absurd) fines for a traffic issue and had already, foolishly, pled guilty, He patiently but quickly helped me reverse that plea, work out a deal, and walk away with a small slap on the wrist that was much more in line with my "crime" (a U-turn on a sleepy street). He made it very clear what he was going to do, how long it would take, and what it would cost - and didn't nickle and dime me when I had questions. I haven't had much experience with lawyers, but this was a good one.

Wes P.

Rob Finlay great guy, even better attorney.

John L.

Robert Finlay has provided me with excellent legal advice on a number of occasions. He understands where the client is coming from and is usually two steps ahead.

Sam P.

Attorney Finlay was thorough, professional and had given me the time and attention I needed. Highly recommend.

Joe F.

I would highly recommend Atty Finlay for family law matters.

Catherine S.

Robert's advice was sound and knowledgeable. I consulted him about consumer protection laws vis-a-vis debt collection. This is a topic that he understands well, and he was generous with his time. Here is an attorney whom I trust and strongly recommend.


Rob is the opposite of what gives lawyers a bad rap. He wants you to use less of his services by keeping things simple, de-escalating the situation to your advantage, and getting you the result you deserve without racking up the bill. More than all this, he cares about you and he doesn't want to unnecessarily destroy your adversary either even if you request that in an ill-considered moment - haha! Finally, and most importantly he wins! I got very significant $ back from the counterparty at a moment when it made a huge difference to the financial health of my family. You should trust Rob with your problems and relax.


I would highly recommend Rob for all his legal services. Robs a very down to earth guy who doesn't overlook the human element to law while taking very good care of his clients.


I would highly recommend Attorney Finlay. From our first meeting I felt so comfortable with him. He went above and beyond for my case and was able to work out a great deal for me. He was very professional and I would be sure to recommend him to anyone in need of an honest trustworthy attorney.


How would I describe Mr. Finaly's expertise? Reasonable advice at a reasonable price. I was involved in a litigation matter where I needed sound advice and a legal strategy that could ensure protection for both my business and my own reputation. I explained the circumstances to Mr. Finlay where he devised a strategy and timeline to implement his recommendations. Several motions and depositions later, the case was adjudicated in my party's favor. Throughout the experience Mr. Finlay displayed candor, reasonableness, and a forthright attitude that was instrumental in handling the process. Highly recommend and would work with Mr. Finlay again.

Alex R.

In a time of great need, a friend recommended that I call Attorney Finlay concerning a serious matter involving embezzlement, theft and harassment. Concerned not only with our personal well being, Attorney Finlay guided us to ensure a positive legal outcome. He not only spoke to us on a number of occasions, but provided around the clock availability to allay our fears. One could not ask for more personable and caring legal representation.

John C.

He helped me with a serious legal issue and was warm and professional throughout. Great presence and very knowledgeable.

Bret W.

I recommend Attorney Finlay for all matters in his specialty!

John D.
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