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A Divorce Lawyer Who Understands the Difficulties of a Family Law Case

In the process of divorce, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are things to be worried about, both emotionally and financially, as you face the end of your marriage. To make matters worse, the laws regarding family law cases can be complicated to understand if you aren’t an expert on the subject matter. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s good to know that you have an attorney who can help ensure everything is handled correctly and follow your wishes through every step of the process. Contact: Biedak and Finlay.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Robert C. Finlay, Attorney at Law, has been practicing Family Law since 2011. A good divorce lawyer will understand how to help you get your family through these difficult times without any hard feelings, which can save thousands in legal costs. That’s why hiring an experienced attorney specializing in family law is essential. You want someone who will treat you and your spouse respectfully and help you keep things as amicable as possible for your kids. Robert C. Finlay, Esq. understands family law and is committed to helping families stay together whenever possible. He knows that even when there are problems, parents should be able to put their children first. Contact us today if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Plymouth, Massachusetts, or surrounding areas!

I Can Help You

Having to go through a family law case is never easy. There are so many emotions and events that it can feel like you’re over your head. When it comes to divorce, custody battles, or anything related to family law, I understand how stressful and overwhelming that can be. However, I am committed to ensuring my clients are treated fairly—that’s why I work tirelessly in every case to provide personalized legal counsel for each client’s unique needs. Whether you need assistance with divorce, child support, or any other aspect of family law, I am here to help. Contact me today for a free consultation about your case.

What Goes into a Custody Agreement?

Whether in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, a divorce lawyer will help guide you through challenging legal waters. Child support is one component that often requires significant time and attention, mainly if there are custody issues involved. If your child was born outside of marriage (or if you’re currently not married), child support payments are essential for two reasons: to help care for your child and ensure both parents share responsibility for expenses associated with raising your child. For example, if your ex-spouse makes $60,000 per year but lives at home rent-free while attending college full-time, they might be ordered to pay child support until graduation. After graduation? Support might end or change significantly. This can enormously impact your life; it can be challenging to make ends meet without adequate financial resources. That’s why divorce lawyers take child support cases so seriously.

Dealing with Child Support Issues

Depending on where you live, child support is usually handled by your state’s Department of Child Support Enforcement. These offices can often help with such issues, but they may not be able to provide any legal advice or representation when dealing with child support matters. If you need help from an experienced divorce lawyer during your child support proceedings, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney Robert C. Finlay, today for advice about how best to proceed.

The Best Way to Deal with the Financial Burden of Divorce

The financial burden of divorce can be staggering. One moment, you’re happily married with two incomes, and your bank account is overflowing with dollars. The next, your marriage has ended, you’re on your own (financially), and hundreds of thousands of dollars need to be paid out each month. It’s enough to make anyone want to scream! But it doesn’t have to be that way. A family law attorney can help you understand what needs to happen for you and your ex-spouse to get through a divorce without any unnecessary hardship—especially financially. Whether you were earning more than your spouse before divorce proceedings began or vice versa, both parties will find themselves financially worse off after a divorce. Many couples choose to work together on their finances during and after divorce—but if both spouses aren’t on board with handling finances together, things can become very complicated very quickly.

How Will I Know If I’m Going to Lose Custody?

The term loses of custody can be confusing. If you feel like losing custody, scheduling an appointment with a divorce lawyer may make sense. A reasonable family law attorney will help evaluate your situation and assist in making important decisions. When someone is going through a divorce, they might have concerns about what will happen to their children. In many cases, parents can reach an agreement on custody arrangements without needing legal intervention; however, there are some situations where one parent feels they are not being treated fairly or that another party is threatening their rights as a parent. If you feel like you are losing custody of your child, several things could lead to such a decision. For example, suppose one parent has violated terms outlined in a parenting plan or has been found guilty of domestic violence. In that case, judges may decide to give sole custody to another party.

Starting Over in Life

While you can rebuild after a divorce, it’s never easy. You’re facing financial concerns, changes in your lifestyle, and new responsibilities. However, you’re also responsible for keeping an open mind to find that life after divorce is worth living. Whether you need help recovering from a messy divorce or you want to start over after leaving an abusive relationship, seek out support along your journey. Life after divorce isn’t always easy, but resources are available to help you make it through. As a family law attorney in Plymouth, MA, I work with individuals trying to move on from a past marriage. These resources include: -Counseling – Talking with someone who has experience working with people going through divorces may be helpful if you have trouble coping with day-to-day life.

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