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Testimonials for Attorney Biedak

I highly recommend Frank Biedak; he is highly knowledgeable of all aspects of the law. And he spends an hour a week in the summertime to give free advice to anyone who needs it. I would not hesitate to use Frank Biedak law firm in the future.


Frank speaks so clearly and with great passion. He is a tremendous resource and you can see how much he loves what he does every time he speaks!


Frank is professional and honest in his practice. He has an awesome service of free roadside consultation. Plus, he has an impeccable sense of humor. I would recommend him.


Testimonials for Attorney Finlay

Rob was a good lawyer during my divorce. As most divorces are, it became ugly, and he worked to keep my side civil and on task. He didn’t fall into traps or get blinded by emotion. He stayed calm and on point and helped me do the same. I would recommend him without question.


Rob is a great guy and had my best interest at hand. He understood the emotional rollercoaster that I was in and advised me of all my options, pros and cons. He was always available for a consultation when issues arose. I would recommend Rob to anyone in need of his service.


Robert’s advice was sound and knowledgeable. I consulted him about consumer protection laws vis-a-vis debt collection. He understands This topic well, and he was generous with his time. Here is an attorney whom I trust and strongly recommend.